02 March 2012

[Ex-player&coach] Cruyff: "Playing well is meaningless without a win, win no philosophy, no"

Johan Cruyff, who is in Mexico to study the situation of the Chivas de Guadalajara, urged patience on Thursday to point out to the fans that the world can not be changed in one day.

"In Chivas is high quality, because if he had not be a big club. Therefore, add little things," said former player in a statement that the team played in a press release.

Cruyff arrived in Guadalajara for a fee of sports director to study the situation that is in crisis in recent months to try to define a new style to help you regain the level it is the team with more fans. "

The ex star of Ajax and Barcelona reminded everyone that "play well without winning, it makes no sense, no gain philosophy not have it, so look for things there, conjoining them and make the most of all in every way ".

He also said that things do not work simply because they want to win but to do it "you have confidence in the players" and never be afraid to be somebody.

He said that in the next few days his team will be devoted to investigate what has Chivas because "good leave it and what you can work on improving it."

He said that the Chivas advantage is that all players are Mexican and they "want to see their strengths and weaknesses" so that from this system can be implemented. "

Chivas will tour

Johan Cruyff attend the game against Puebla on Sunday next, in the ninth round of the Clausura 2012. +

The ex star of Ajax and Barcelona will be in the Cuauhtemoc stadium in Puebla to continue the first evaluation of the football squad, which will develop for ten days to detect and correct errors that are the last place team in the tournament with five points .

Cruyff came to Chivas with the position of sports director to try to define a new style to help you regain the most popular club in Mexico.

After witnessing a few days training the first team until Saturday Cruyff develop diagnostic work, since it seeks to adapt the project 'Total Football' of the Dutch school.

Then travel to Puebla (Central Mexico) to join the team's after Sunday's game. (via SPORT)