17 March 2012

[Ex-player] Coco: "Los duelos entre Barça y Milan serán fascinantes"

The Italian ex-fulkback acknowledged the potential of Barça and Guardiola felt that "are much more likely" to beat the heat.

The ex-defender Italiano Francesco Coco, who played for FC Barcelona in 2001/02 season, looked on Friday quarter-final draw of the Champions League and Barca acknowledged favoritism in the tie.

Speaking to 'Esports COPE', Coco stated that "nobody wanted to face to Barça. It is the strongest team, along with Madrid, and has many more possibilities."

In 'clave Milan', set in which he played up to three different stages, Coco said that "it will be a tough game, but have a good squad and strong players."

On the current state of the Rossoneri, the Italian ex-fulkback said its good performance in Europe this season but might not be enough to knock to Barça: "Milan played well in the Champions League. There will be two fascinating and very good games, but Barça has more and more likely to move to the semifinal. "

Coco also surrendered to the unmistakable style of Barça, "Always play the same way both in and outside the Camp Nou, unlike other teams." And, last but not least, also considered a plus for the fact Barca play the return of the tie at the Camp Nou: "Playing around is a plus for."

"It's the most important player for Milan. Will have great motivation, and that he will be a very important game." So the Barça alerted Coco potential role of 'Ibra' in the tie against Barça in his return to Camp Nou. "It's awesome. Can do important things," he added.

In that sense, Coco was opposed to Arrigo Sacchi, who said the Swedish forward "is a big player in small teams and small in large teams." The Italian ex-fulkback defended Ibrahimovic "is a major player, a great player."

Coco wanted to clarify, yes, that 'Ibra' "in big games against big teams, sometimes you need a little head." "If the game is important, he suffers psychologically," he acknowledged, but Zlatan summarized his review by stating that "an undisputed player that can win games by himself." (via SPORT)