14 March 2012

[Ex-player] Bakero: "The pressure of Madrid to the referees is not normal"

José Mari Bakero believes that criticism of Mou and his last season have penetrated the collective arbitration.

José Mari Bakero, ex player of FC Barcelona and even a few days ago Lech Poznan Polish coach, spoke at the Cope of the controversy surrounding arbitration is the current league championship and having at Real Madrid as the main beneficiary of errors the members.

For Bakero, "not normal to put pressure on Real Madrid last year with the referees, was completely out of context. What is clear is that the subconscious feelings of people come." In this sense, the ex azulgrana believes that "neither Madrid nor Barça should shield in arbitrations. Barça have not done, conveys many positive things. The spirit of Barça has to be that. And if you feel in specific situations assaulted, you have to defend itself. "

The ex of the Dream Team has also criticized the decision Victorian Sánchez Arminio, head of referees, to denounce Piqué: "I believe that the actions of people outside, as in this case Sánchez Arminio, are totally out of context because is another professional who charges around the world and also from Barça " (via MD)