27 March 2012

[Ex-player] Bakero: "Guardiola will continue"

The exblaugrana Jose Mari Bakero to coach a few weeks ago Lech Pozna Poland did, went through the microphones of the program 'MasEsports' by 'COMRàdio'.

Bakero said he believes Pep Guardiola "at the end will continue," and said: "Now that time is important, when the titles are played, Barça is well and choose the League, Cup and Champions. Barça choose the three titles, not Madrid. In la Liga the Madrid is favorite but now Barça have options again. "

The Navarre said that "Barça has failed this season away from home in la Liga, to my mind has failed. Away failed head" and said of the Madrid that "everyone wants to feel they are quiet and are doing the opposite. not normal expulsion of the two coaches, that's cause. Mourinho dominates much these situations. "

Bakero reiterated that "Barça have the feeling that comes perfect, the most important players like Xavi, Iniesta and Messi are fine. The organ works" and acknowledged that "I like Mourinho as a coach but everything is getting against arbitrations it seems ridiculous, really. Barça and Madrid have to forget all this and play football. ""It seems that when things do not go, anything goes. And that is not to be," he added.

Finally, Zlatan Ibrahimovic looked to former Blaugrana and Milan player, Barça's next opponents in the Champions League, "Ibrahimovic is very particular, has an undeniable individual quality. He feels very comfortable in Milan, feels important, is untouchable, does what he wants ... he says something sexist to a journalist and what would be happening in the background serious positive. Everything you do and Milan Ibra is doing well. "Asked whether the Swabian play with a vengeance Ibrahimovic Bakero is clear: "It's normal to be so. Is a winner and if Barcelona has gone wrong, has its pride. For him if you two, three or four goals better. " (via SPORT)