02 March 2012

[Ex-player] Abelardo: "Guardiola has many resources to not miss Messi"

The coach of Sporting Gijon, Abelardo, analyzed the team's next game against FC Barcelona in Esports Cope.

"We are preparing a football match, 11 to 11, against the best team in the world. Knowing that it is very difficult there, the only team that got a positive result was because Messi Sevilla and missed a penalty. In the end, the rest all victories for the club, but sometimes can lose and why not against Sporting, "said exblaugrana.

"The theory may be uncovered interior corridors, keep the ball in your own field, be aware of players who enter a second line is the strongest because Barça ... A thousand things. Monetize the minimum options you may have in attack. But the theory is the theory and then have to implement. know the amount of resources you have that computer and surprise is difficult, "he added.

Asked if that alleviates Busquets and Messi does not play, the coach sportinguista said: "Messi is clearly the most decisive player in attack and Sergio is a key player. But if not Messi, Pep has many resources to take no low to Leo Messi. " (via SPORT)