13 March 2012

[ex-coach] Terry Venables: "Barcelona will win the Champions"

The ex Barcelona coach Terry Venables spoke to the program "Mas Esports' of COMRàdio Barcelona.

Venables did not hesitate to assert that "Guardiola is the best, there is nobody better than him. This is for all the work he has done in Barcelona." And commented on the renewal of Santpedor "configured to do so I do not say who should replace Guardiola and he has to do with their future. It's a tricky situation if you will, but if you continue to also be in a difficult position. If someone tells me that Guardiola will take a year off would understand why a decision is vital, very important. "

"With Guardiola have seen the quality and potential of young people succeeding. This marks the way why other clubs such as Real Madrid fail to pay astronomical amounts ever for players. This is the legacy of Guardiola. And although the clubs will continue to buy as usual, what you have taught is that the real need is to sign coaches, "he added.

About Barça the English exfutbolista said that the team "is exceptional playing ball, are the best, nobody can compare to them." "I think Barcelona will win the Champions League. Barça is an outstanding student and I am very happy to have my name associated with this club. I am very proud to have been part of Barcelona, "he said.

"Barça today is the world's best. The players who now Barcelona are the best. Xavi, Iniesta, Cesc much control the game in a way that nobody had ever seen, "he added, noting that" in England people are excited about the Barcelona, no doubt. Obviously not everyone but most are under the enchantment of how to play football. "

Finally, on the Argentine Leo Messi, Venables said: "He's a phenomenon." (via SPORT)