02 March 2012

An eleven unpublished of Barça against Sporting with Cesc '9 '

Despite the low Messi, Busquets and Abidal and Thiago doubt, Pep has to choose from.

Casualties of Sergio Busquets and Leo Messi through suspension, along with the unexpected injury Abidal and Thiago doubt have left again to Barça very effective justito of receiving tomorrow Sporting Javier Clemente.

Recovery from other injuries of staff in recent weeks, however, saved what could have been a new critical situation and allows Guardiola still can choose a couple of boundaries. Not to mention the possible 'reinforcement' of the subsidiary, Guardiola prepares the game with fourteen players over Thiago, who should be added to Tello as a man with serious chances to play. Yesterday was brought with the first team, as Marc Muniesa.

On defense, the big question would be in the two central squares, since the circumstances require Pep to give rest to Abidal the benefit of Adriano as left back. We must bear in mind that Wednesday is played back from Champions League against Bayer Leverkusen. Puyol suspended card in Europe, could rest against Bayer to ensure his presence in the quarter, so that tomorrow would start against Sporting.

Piqué did not start at the Calderón, Puyol only played half an hour to Venezuela with the Spanish and Mascherano instead played the whole game in Argentina. If you do not play in defense, the 'jefecito' points to the axis of midfield, but there also has numbers the 'transfer' of winter Seydou Keita (come back after the African Nations Cup), which also could occupy a square of inside-half.

Thiago is another option, but did not play with Spain for discomfort and did not train yesterday on the orders of Pep. Although it would be a good day to rest thinking in the Champions League, Xavi is almost forced to play for the team is not too unrecognizable low as those of Busi and Messi, especially with the almost certain KO of Thiago.

Iniesta is another great asset as inside-half, but is seen as a good option in attack from the left. Cesc will occupy the area of his friend Messi in the middle and the right wing seems reserved for Alexis.

Cuenca, Pedro and Tello would have a chance if Iniesta from migrating to the core, which option would Keita and Mascherano to center half to central defense.

The addition of one end also offers the possibility of playing a 3-4-3, filling over the wide area with Andrés. Guardiola then has several options to prepare for the match against Sporting despite the setback of the unexpected new low of Abidal. (via MD)