13 March 2012

The dirty war against Barça

The latest media infamy of the cave is a finding more of his obsession, almost sickly, to destabilize Barcelona at any price.

La calumnia de Telemadrid es una constatación más de la escasa ética que utiliza la caverna mediática, capaz de moverse bajo el precepto del 'todo vale' con tal de perjudicar a cualquier precio al Barcelona.

Para aquellos que todavía le den un mínimo crédito a las informaciones procedentes de la infame caverna, solo recordarles que no hay nadie del Barcelona que filtre informaciones, y menos exclusivas, a sus 'enemigos'. Así que a priori cualquier primicia que sale de la caverna automáticamente se puede considerar como teledirigida y manipulada con un solo objetivo: desestabilizar al club blaugrana a toda costa.

Only thus can we understand such vile fabrications as Cope chain even speculated about a possible doping among Barcelona players' Episcopal radio has had to pay 200,000 euros and acknowledge that false information was for all purposes to avoid go to trial, "the weary 'Villarato' sponsored by the director of 'As', whose primary objective was to challenge the superiority of Pep sport, and now also to take advantage of some unfortunate statements chest by the former vice president Alfons Godall the attempt to loosen the template by 'Marca', inventing a safe place but David Villa this summer because the player did not talk with Messi, or the penultimate relief with Intereconomía athletic program, "Punto Pelota' as the protagonist, using debatable methods to try to get information on the future of Pep. Although in this particular case, the reaction of the club withdrawing accreditation to enter your facility has achieved the opposite effect because it has served to make them feel some martyrs.

What is clear is that the speakers used in Madrid are much higher and powerful. Remember that a lie repeated often 'Villarato 'inclusive' is in danger of becoming a true end.

In an exercise of imagination might wonder how he would react the above cave if Barcelona were ten points behind Real Madrid and Real Betis at the Benito Villamarin the referee had been 'swallowed' literally both hands on the blaugrana area, Barça had scored a offside goal and a blaugrana had deserved expulsion for a second yellow.

Obviously, the theory of ''Villarato' had been branded on the skin of a bull that is Spain. (via SPORT)