01 March 2012

Diego Alves, would "love to see Messi playing with Neymar"

The goalkeeper 'che' is that it fits more in Barça.

Diego Alves and Valencia goalkeeper Neymar partner in the selection, is another authoritative voice to speak the Santos star and possible future rival in Spain is Barcelona and Madrid. According to Diego Alves, Neymar would fit better in Barcelona than in the club. "Barça would be an interesting team to Neymar because he is intelligent, knows how to pass, top, plays well by wing" he says.

He also warns that there would be no problem for the pearl of the 'canarinhá cohabit with Messi in the same team and not hide that he would love to see them play together. "I see it fully compatible with Messi. They both have different qualities and I would love to see them together on the same computer. Would be great, but then had to suffer as rivals," he jokes Alves. (via MD)