07 March 2012

The dictatorship of Sánchez Arminio

The great accuser of Piqué pulls the strings of arbitration in Spain at will. What dominates in this establishment.

Victoriano Sánchez Arminio, who turns 70 next June, has been linked to football life. He was appointed chairman of the Referees Technical Committee (TAC) in 1993, after leading 149 games in First Division League in his debut in 1976 where he spent 13 consecutive seasons. He retired from arbitration in 1989 to meet the maximum age stipulated, and that same year Ángel María Villar was appointed member of the appointment of arbitrators until four seasons later the president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) was appointed to finger most arbitral estate manager to replace the resigned Pedro Sánchez Sanz. There's his farm.

Sánchez Arminio takes 19 years at the arbitration group doing a "deaf who becomes the great unknown" of world football, according to a federal source, where man has a reputation for "affable, approachable and accessible." Arminio leads the complex arbitration scene "attached to their mobile," from where it serves the incidents to be presented. Their main anxieties are territorial arbitration organization "which moves a lot. People see only the football of first division and second division, but behind are 20 territorial `Other Is football that turns" say it.

His salary is around 6,000 euros net per month plus expenses, but does mask their income through a service company to which the RFEF would settle all emoluments which it receives. Arminio is based in Santander, but lives for the most days of the week in Madrid. Overnight usually at the hotel Sito in Ciudad del Fútbol, as it overnight from 160 to 180 euros, although as a federal employee has a reduction of 50 percent, so the Federation assumes that costs 90 euros each night you stay in the capital. Arminio is married and has grandchildren of those who spoke "with a passion", hence try to spend weekends in Santander to be with his family.

His big mistake in the 'Piqué affair' has been proclaimed himself 'art and part' in the complaint to the Barça player. "The words of Piqué in the Competition discuss, because we are serious statements," he said. In any case he can make that claim because neither belongs nor has representation in that body. This slip has served the Federation has given a clarion call to take on roles that do not belong.

Nevertheless, Sánchez Arminio is free to maneuver as head arbitration before Villar. One of the president's henchmen along the leading almost from the entered office in 1988. On economic issues, the RFEF not designated an endowment for the elite referees. On paper, self-managing with part of the wages paid to colleges for their rights to arbitration and the publicity they generate. This, Sánchez Arminio has to organize technical meetings and convenes in Madrid physical every two months. Your mattress in this section is the Federation itself, which covers the CTA's budget if you have red number. In fact, it Villar who has to give approval to all the powers of the CTA.

Finally, Sánchez Arminio is one of the three members who serve on the Committee on Appointments arbitration. This tripartite committee should consist of a representative of the RFEF, a representative of the Professional Football League (LFP) and a representative of consensus between the two institutions. Formerly the arbitrators themselves were those who chose the third member, but today is Sánchez Arminio who occupies that position and appoint at will with punishment and promotions. (via SPORT)