05 March 2012

The 'cracked' in the Cup of Casillas and Mourinho went unpunished

The contempt of Casillas and Mourinho's gesture had no sanction from the referees.

If Pique sanction for his statements of last Saturday, the doubts would be cleared once and for all: there are two regulations. One for the Madrid and another for the other teams.

i told by the centre-back Catalan is punishable, what about what Casillas said after being eliminated from the Cup team? Captain merengue, referring directly to the referee Fernando Teixeira Vitienes, he snapped: "Go party with them to celebrate, so much dick and shit". Nothing happened. Nor anything happened to coach his team, the Luso José Mourinho when, in the same game, Teixeira waited in the car park at the Camp Nou and said: "Artist, fuck how you like professionals".

Two direct contempt to the arbitral group that fell into oblivion and that did not motivate anybody to start research and want to do with Piqué. (via SPORT)