02 March 2012

The COPE 200,000 euros deposited in court by his accusations against Barça

The Cadena COPE deposited 200,000 euros on Thursday in a court in Barcelona in compensation for his false information about alleged doping practices at Barça.

The station also submitted a written Episcopal in ratifying what already reported on its website on Monday: the news spread by Juan Antonio Alcalá was not true and that came from a source not verified, so there was a trespass the right to the honor of FC Barcelona.

The Catalan club claimed 6 million Euros in its complaint, but the COPE believes that the damages are valued at 200,000 euros. Be seen whether Barça will accept this amount or if you go ahead with the procedure.

The body has time to give azulgrana until the 8th March and will discuss this matter at the Board meeting to be held the day before. If not come to terms, the view in the court would take place on March 12. (via SPORT)