28 March 2012

Considered key Barça score at San Siro against Milan

The champion starts at San Siro on the final sprint to Munich with only one goal: winning.
Barça and Milan measure their offensive potential in a duel worthy of the finals top scorer in Europe.

Milan, first port of top flight in the direction of Munich. Barça now faces (20.45 h. / Autonomous) a steep ramp at San Siro. A great match in the quarterfinal round that for the European charm and prestige of the host, would be a good script for the finals.

The champions of the 'scudetto' against the Champions League and the sight and focusing on the goal. Mark will be the priority of both, but will have to sweat. The scenic milanistas wielded his intimidation. The azulgrana, inexhaustible stream goalscorer. A pulse of more than front fenders.

Barça on the horizon, the challenge of being the first title since validates precisely the Milan of Arrigo Sacchi (1989 and 1990) and, incidentally, the dream of hope back to the triplet.

The costumes and the Rossoneri directors try not getting the fear that has gripped the environment. The word fear often comes out in almost all the statements, while Adriano Galliani, its executive president, appeals to the Rambo movies.

Grounds there. Opposite is Barça dosed in their last two games and has recovered, with nine straight wins, their best. Xavi and Alves back, as they did against Mallorca Iniesta, Busquets and Cesc.

The azulgrana now feel powerful and safe to ride a round, sense, will be high voltage electricity. Take a line of three defenses, as in 2-3 in the league, or four and more than likely because Milan has grown, Pep revert to eleven of the occasions.

The tactical combat requires thoroughness and caution. Control the ball, football associations and mental freshness to give the solution in case the local scoring is entrenched. Piqué, will be back, who missed the last times, and Puyol, which caught a superb performance.

The two group matches should not serve as a reference. Neither served in that semifinal round against Inter in 2010. A plague of injuries and any sanctions have hit the locker room seven times in Europe.

Abate, Thiago Silva and Van Bommel, who were in both games, Pato, who scored at the Camp Nou, and Inzaghi will stay in the stands. The low center of a relief to be a basic part in the engine 'Rossoneri'. Nesta will take its place.

Pato is also a break. But Milan will not be a wasted, far from it. Has lost only one match of the last ten. Coach Allegri, for luck, Robinho and Boateng recovered more decisive the first than the second.

Play who you play, Ibrahimovic and Messi will come face to face. It will be a pulse with a certain morbidity between two 'killers'. One, Ibra, scanning the football from its 1.95 high, crosses its best scorer with 27 goals in 32 games.

The other, Messi, from 1.69 of wisdom, is determined to put away myths. After César and with 55 goals this season, Gerd Müller and shakes. Leo has already won the game in November. Ibra also marked. The story says other cracks azulgrana have shone in San Siro.

It reminds Rivaldo, Ronaldinho. Now it's Leo. The business card of Barça warns that in the 50 games of the 2011-2012 season and has three titles to be for another three. (via MD)