26 March 2012

A compatriot of Ibrahimovic will whistle Milan-Barça

The Swedish referee Jonas Eriksson on Wednesday 28 the first leg of the quarterfinals Milan-Barcelona and Spanish Carlos Velasco Carballo Olympique Marseille- Bayern Munich.

Eriksson, who, like the Spaniard Velasco Carballo is selected by UEFA to participate in the upcoming Euro 2012 Poland and Ukraine, went to Barcelona in December 2010 in the group stage of Champions League against Rubin Kazan in the Camp Nou (2-0).

The Swedish referee, born in the town of Sigtuna 37 years ago, is international since 2002 and their most recent match was a Spanish team on 8 March when whistled the first leg of the second round of the Europa League between Atlético Madrid and Besiktas (3-1).

Eriksson, dedicated to arbitration as a hobby for several years selling a stake in a media company profits earned him millions, a year ago led the match between Schalke and Valencia (3-1) in which the Valencians fell eliminated in the knockout stages of the Champions League.

Earlier in the 2009-2010 season whistled the rout of Sevilla in Glasgow against Rangers (1-4) in 2008-2009 was the refereeof the triumph of Madrid against Zenit Real (3-0) and the victory of Espanyol against Lokomotiv Moscow (0-1) in the UEFA Cup 2005-2006.

The Spaniard Velasco Carballo, who was appointed by the Referees Technical Committee (TAC) to referee tonight Granada-Sevilla in the Spanish league, will lead the Olympique Marseille-Bayern Munich.

Carlos Velasco has refereed this season's encounters Arsenal Champions League-Olympiakos (2-1), Benfica- Basel (1-1) and Porto-Zenit (0-0), as well as Sporting-Manchester City (1 -0) of the Europa League. (via SPORT)