05 March 2012

The College of referees denounce Pique!

The president of the Association of Arbitrators has announced that Piqué to denounce to the Competition Committee.

It is clear. Just come and listen to what interests them. No act of office, theoretically, if no complaint. But of course when they want. Overall, the president of the National Committee of Arbitrators, Victoriano Sanchez Arminio, announced in a statement to Radio Nacional of Spain that will report to Gerard Piqué for his remarks after the game against Sporting.

Remember that Piqué said at halftime had told the college that Keita had been penalty and, as the defense, it became clear that, with premeditation, the referee went for him in the play of the expulsion.

"We boiled the blood. An athlete has to have respect for others," said Sánchez Arminio National Radio. And then announced that "the words of the Piqué discussed in the Competition Committee. We are serious statements."

Sánchez Arminio admitted, however, Pep Guardiola's statements were "exemplary" and announced that denounce the matter to the Competition Committee. (via SPORT)

[Sánchez Arminio, "Piqué denounce before the Committee on Competition"]

Technical Committee chair of referees, Sanchez Arminio, assured that they will denounce Piqué to the Competition Committee by the words of Barça player who said his expulsion against Sporting "was premeditated" by Velasco Carballo.

Arminio has been considered in the "The Board" National Radio of Spain that "Piqué statements are unfortunate and very serious. The de Guardiola, exemplary." Anyway, the chairman of the Referees Committee believes that an expulsion like Piqué "you blood boil. An athlete has to have respect for others."

Sánchez Arminio has insisted that "words Piqué analyze them in the competition committee. We are serious statements." But Mourinho did not complain when Teixeira waited in private car parking referee in the Camp Nou or when in the same game, Iker Casillas told the same "go partying with them."

Will have to see what decides the committee chaired by Alfredo Flórez. (via MD)