03 March 2012

Clemente's: "The deputies of Barcelona are world stars"

The Sporting Gijón coach, Javier Clemente, said today that "it is true that Barcelona is low, but which leave is international because of Barça are alternate world stars" and hopes "they can pass any bill fatigue their players. "

After practice today before the game tomorrow in Barcelona, Javier Clemente has justified the call for Nacho Cases saying ironically that "the press has asked," but has said that the newspapers just read "the coupon of the blind and movie listings. "

After ensuring that "Guardiola is a great golfer," he stated that "it is one of the great coaches," but feels that "there is the best coach in the world, not like the equipment, that it is possible to know ".

Clemente held at Barcelona, according to advance, some change but has been emphatic in stating that "philosophy is the same as in the previous two games" and stressed that the Catalan team "leaves the ball to the opponents 12 minutes, the rest is yours ", so one of the objectives of your team is" trying to keep the ball as long as possible. "

Andrián Colunga's injury is "a setback" according to Clemente who nevertheless said that as he had not complained because no good for nothing, stressed the qualities of Mendy, especially their speed who wants to exploit in the game morning and justified in the absence of Lora "needs some time." (via MD)