23 March 2012

Cesc squeezed into the day off

Arenys confronts with great motivation the tract in which the big titles of the season are played.

Barça's first team yesterday enjoyed a rest day, but Pep Guardiola always leaves the door open for players who need a specific job to go to the Ciutat Esportiva. This was the case of Cesc Fàbregas, who presented himself voluntarily to Sant Joan Despi to continue their specific preparation.

The midfielder did not play a single minute in the last league match against Granada and yesterday the train chose to keep pace. The final stretch of the season is approaching and Cesc wants to face it full of conditions. Missed last season with Arsenal this period because of various muscle aches and his priority is to maintain excellent physical tone as he has shown in recent games.

Fàbregas feels stronger than ever, as recently acknowledged in an interview to 'The Guardian', and is being used thoroughly to maintain the shape. Like all players, Cesc has a personalized plan for injury prevention. For example, work on the hamstrings is essential to have the explosiveness needed in order to take advantage of its big arrival.

The Arenys worked with the physical fitness trainers of club in the gym and on the pitch. A full day to get the batteries charged in the face of Saturday's game in Mallorca. A basic game in the struggle for the league title and in which Fàbregas points again to the ownership after rest on Tuesday.

Guardiola reserved for basic men in midfield, as Cesc himself, Sergio Busquets and Andres Iniesta, who entered the last stretch alone in front of the Andalusians, in anticipation of the fierce battle that is assumed at the Iberostar Estadio. Pep has already warned that the pitch can be dry and wanted to keep some pieces that could be charged over an uneven playing field in Palma.

Besides Cesc, Adriano Correia also made an appearance at the Ciutat Esportiva. The Brazilian tried the little stretch muscle and worked in order to join the squad for the clash on Wednesday in Milan. (via SPORT)