31 March 2012

Cesc played, points to the bench

The Arenys suffered a puncture in his back last Thursday that he ruled for tenure.

Pep Guardiola have significantly disrupted the plans in the face of tonight's game since his initial idea was to align Cesc Fàbregas in the starting lineup against Athletic Bilbao, but the accidental injury of Arenys, who suffered a puncture on his back on Thursday after training at the facilities of Inter Milan, has forced him to rethink his slate.

The midfielder, who yesterday did not even trained with the rest of his companions stayed in the gym where doctors took the opportunity to make an infiltration in the affected area so it could be at least on the bench for the match against the Basque side.

So the reality is that Cesc is not one hundred percent today, so its presence in the starting lineup is virtually ruled out. That does not mean it is low, as infiltration allowed to play one of the game without pain, but will have to start from the bench at best.

To reassure the fans, to see that this is a very minor injury that does not preclude being a hundred percent on Tuesday against Milan. In fact, one can not rule out Cesc plays today a few minutes if the coach deems it appropriate, but clearly not to contest the ninety minutes.

This setback will prevent Pep to rest some of his pupils with more overhead of minutes or more susceptible to injury. If your intention was to give players a breather as Alexis and Iniesta, now just may do as much with one of them. Nor could exclude that the sacrifice was Xavi Hernández, who finished the game limping after receiving a blow from Ambrosini, but in any case the Terrassa has exercised two days normally.

The big news in the lineup tonight could be Thiago and Pedro. Two names that could give a fresh team, as the first or even played on Wednesday and the second only took a few minutes.

It is clear that the alternative defense of rotation are much smaller, but Adriano today to receive discharge. In any case, a defense of three would make it easier to book a player for the final advance which is next Tuesday at the Camp Nou. Although there is no doubt that it would be a very risky bet against a team that plays so well to the touch and the counterattack as Athletic. (via SPORT)