10 March 2012

Cesc Fàbregas: "My most special moment was when I scored at the Bernabéu"Cesc Fàbregas: "My most special moment was when I scored at the Bernabéu"

The FC Barcelona footballer told The Guardian that the best time you have lived so far in the Camp Nou was when he scored at the Bernabéu.

Cesc Fàbregas said in an interview to 'The Guardian' in the time it takes for FC Barcelona its best moment was when he managed to beat Casillas in the Bernabéu the match La Liga: "My most special moment was when I scored in the Bernabeu. was especially good to me why my family and my friends were there. "

"In training camp is incredible. It is the best group of players I've seen in my life. If you saw the workouts that we do not believe it. The quality is amazing. I have never seen or experienced anything like that. Is the best environment I've ever seen, "said the player caught in the high-level interview given in the training of FC Barcelona.

But above all, Cesc emphasized the desire to have the equipment to win: "The thing that struck me was the hunger of the team. This team has won 18 competitions maybe 15 the last four seasons and still want more. They want to do But these players are concerned if they do not play well. that hunger makes the equipment last a long time. " (via SPORT)