13 March 2012

Cesc back to enjoy the Emirates

Barça midfielder took the first two days of rest he gave Guardiola to staff to return to London and watch live Arsenal.

The azulgrana Cesc Fabregas again enjoy English football on Monday in which he cut his teeth for eight seasons before landing this summer at the Camp Nou.

Arenys midfielder took advantage of two days off to Pep Guardiola gave his players to fly to London and soak up old memories.

At night, did not think twice and returned to enjoy the atmosphere at the Emirates Stadium, where the forces measured Arsenal against Newcastle, the 'revelation' of the season in the Premier League.

Not the first time Cesc returns to London since joining the club. In fact, just weeks ago was one of his most famous comebacks when others took days off to attend the gala musical of the 'Brit Awards, where he handed the award for new artist with Nicole Scherzinger. (via SPORT)