29 March 2012

Carles Puyol: "The penalty was clear that I did"

Carles Puyol acknowledged that he had made a very clear penalty, but would not load the ink against the referee.

To begin, Puyol said the play of the second half in which he made ​​a clear penalty. "I uncheck the near post, I noticed that caught me by the shirt, shot but I could not do so well. I complained to the referee said no penalty was and just what went on the scoreboard and it was clear." However, the azulgrana captain insisted the wardrobe speech that "we have to look excusaas, you must play and go. Arbitrate is complicated. We played well and now we have around."

Puyol told that despite the result can not be thrown from the rooftops. "Milan is one of the mejoeres teams in Europe. We go to 0-0 and will see in the Camp Nou goes on Tuesday."

barcelonista defender also lamented the state of the lawn. "It's hard to control this issue. I trained yesterday we slipped a lot. The field was dry and dribbling was not good."

Finally, Puyol was asked what message he wanted to send the fans facing the match next Tuesday. "They do not have to say anything. Are aware of what is at stake and will surely be on our side." (via SPORT)