24 March 2012

Caparros: "Messi is human in quotes"

"It's hard to win at Barcelona, ​​but in football anything is possible."
"Barça must win every game to qualify for the title, so come one hundred percent."
"Barça is a great example to young talent."
"The Barça players have red and blue blood, that is beyond doubt."

Mallorca coach Joaquín Caparrós said his team must play at a high level to have any chance against Barcelona this Saturday visit the Iberostar Stadium, and with respect to its maximum star said "I hope your day does not have Messi because "it is human in quotes."

"It's hard to win at Barcelona, ​​but in football anything is possible. We have to play at a level high in the offensive and defensive aspects and take our chances when we have them," Caparrós said in a press conference.

Sevillian coach admitted that his players are highly motivated to the clash with the Catalans. "On the impact that has this game, the quality of opponent, and all those who did not play, that supermotivación exists, but also has the Barcelona, which all parties must win to qualify for the title, so come to one hundred percent, and if we join the talent of its players, is even more complicated, "said Caparrós.

When asked whether to order a special marking Leo Messi, said: "We are before the best footballer in every game that surprises us with something new. It amazed us with a genius in Seville, comes the next meeting and leaves us in the retina another move. Hopefully not the genius we remember to do in Mallorca and as is human, not having his day, but I say the human-quotes. "

Caparrós also praised the quality of Barcelona's youth: "I am an experienced advocate for young talent, as I have shown at Sevilla and Athletic Bilbao. I enjoy the philosophy of the cantera, and Barça is a great example with its three golden boots and over are world champions. your players have the red and blue blood, that is beyond doubt, "said.

Finally, when asked by the schema to use to deal with the machinery azulgrana coach mallorquinista said it is a matter that "it seems simple, but it is not so much." "We have to defend very well when we do not have the ball and know what to do when we have always collectively, do not forget that Barcelona has the virtue of their smaller rivals, and hopefully that will not happen tomorrow," Caparrós stressed. (via MD)