01 March 2012

The brother unknown of Alexis prepares his leap to stardom

The Barça striker has a brother by the father who is trying his fortune in the lower of Colo-Colo Chile.

Tocopilla, home of azulgrana Alexis Sánchez gives again to speak for the emergence of another interesting player who, curiously, shares family ties with the Barça striker.

Guillermo Soto is the 'unknown brother' of the 'Wonder Boy'. The biological father of two, who also was an outstanding football career at the amateur level, is the bond that unites the two players.

Soto defense unfolds in the ranks of Olympic and in recent days is trying to take a big leap in his career, proving fortune in tests with the cadets of Colo-colo.

As revealed from TERRA.cl, Grandma's brother Alexis confirmed the good time sports through his grandson as "has passed the first screening."

Primitive Leppe, leader of National Olympic, TERRA.cl also explained that the player has 13 years, measuring 1.73m. and it is a "true engine". "Take the ball and always know who to give it," he said, while revealing that "the boy great condition and is sure to give that talk."

As recalled in Emol.com, Soto is a fan of the University of Chile, like his brother Alexis Sánchez prompting acudiese with some reluctance to Colo-Colo tests.

One thing that would be very clear that the young player he wants to distance himself from comparisons with the 'Wonder Boy' and build their own way, say witnesses who depicted Emol.com family.

The publication itself revealed that Alexis filtered environment that azulgrana is excited by the possibility that he can bring his brother to reach such an important club in your country so young. (via SPORT)