17 March 2012

Borghi: "I do not want to discuss with Guardiola"

Claudio Borghi, Chilean coach, avoided confronting the Barca coach for the last occurrence of Alexis Sánchez.

"I do not care to enter into discussions with Guardiola. I am interested in the player (Alexis Smith) is good and that we can take him and us," he told Radio Cooperativa.

Borghi also refused to blame Barça for the injuries suffered by the player in recent months. "I did not mean to (Guardiola) infiltrating (Sánchez). I said that in selecting anyone ever infiltrate and never put an injured player," he said.

The coach of Chile, who plays World Cup qualifiers in June, welcomed the invitation of Guardiola to know how to work from Barcelona. "The invitation thank you very much. Selection is also available if he wants to see how it works. We know how they work, because after a game we play in Europe's coaching staff stayed in Barcelona three days and also Alexis came with a kinesiologist, so we know how to treat and how is Alexis, "he said. (via SPORT)