31 March 2012

Bielsa: "Looking Guardiola's work, do not know who is a teacher and who pupil"

Athletic Club coach, Marcelo Bielsa, refused on Friday to accept the position of teacher of Pep Guardiola and in any case, emphasized the achievements of the Catalan coach to turn the football over the years.

"That teacher or student is justified by works. Look Guardiola's work and mine and see who and who is a student teacher. No, I'm not the teacher, because the things that I have built in football does not justify this condition, much less if you compare with Guardiola has built, "said Bielsa.

In a news conference at the Miniestadi of FC Barcelona, where his team was brought before the game this Saturday against the azulgrana side, Guardiola planned figure constantly, especially after the praises Barça coach has always always directed towards the Argentine .

"I think it's a coach who has built a team that established differences with that had been playing football in the last 25 years. And not only differences but differences better," added the 'Loco'.

"That, he added, positions it in proportion to the feat of building a football team with a better and different, executed by the players who chose and imagined by his mark." But recalled that his relationship with Pep is minimal, reduced only to a meeting held for years, Bielsa recalled with humor that meeting of nearly of nearly eleven hours. "I managed to bore in the eleventh hour, but I think that from the beginning was well and did not dare leave," he joked.

"It's the only time I saw life. Do you admired? Course. A player emblematic, unforgettable part of a team and built the team that built. But I attribute a relationship, I wished he had, because is a very valuable and enrich the relationship with any human being. "

In any case, wanted to stress the importance of speaking the meeting, stressing that respect to play against Barça "is always wonderful for any opponent, hopefully we can keep up when it is up to us."

"It's a dream, an illusion. Nobody can inhibit it (Camp Nou), is a difficult challenge. Never went there," said Bielsa, who reminded the party of the first round, which ended in a draw.

About that meeting, said his team "had a hard time getting him out even and have reached the end, having starred in an even game."

About fatigue that his team can accumulate the Europa League match played on Thursday, the Argentine said "never justified" on that occasion, but what I most admire about Barça and Real Madrid is "familiarity to compete twice week with an insuperable opposition. " (via SPORT)