12 March 2012

The best and worst of Racing-Barça

BEST: Insatiable Messi. Barça won without breaking a sweat during his visit to Cantabrian land. In the 0-2 end had much to do a single player on his way to destroy all records have or might have in the state squad. With his two goals in El Sardinero, Leo Messi sum and 30 in this league, and is only five to match the brand's top scorer in club history, the legendary César. The Argentine was well supported by Pedro and pointed Cuenca, though fortune eluded both in front of goal. The latter and Iniesta smashed two balls in the post, bringing the number of shots on the campaign wood rises and ...To 21!. And finally, an arbitrator dared to whistle a penalty for Barça. Incredibly, was the first home ... and the fourth of the season.

WORST: Hardness Cantabria. Racing was limited to defense. And sometimes, he did so hard that nearly cost him an injury to his rival. Busquets and Cesc, for example, suffered in the flesh two entries of Francis and Babacar tremendous. Fortunately there was no damage to mourn, though his ankles could go very badly. And so there were several more actions. Another negative point of the crash was the poor condition of the grass, which prevented Barça deploy your game more comfortably. (via SPORT)