10 March 2012

Barça will again have a makeshift back to Racing

The penalty for Piqué and Puyol and Abidal doubt the pair can force Busi-Mascherano or defense of three.

Adverse circumstances, as the penalty for red Piqué showed Velasco Carballo and Puyol and Abidal doubt for his sore muscles may force Pep Guardiola to improvise the defensive line, something that has been forced often.

If neither Puyol or 'Abi' are able to play, Guardiola could go for the tandem composed of Busquets and Mascherano or a defense of three, but hardly made ​​up of three 'small people', Alves, Mascherano and Adriano. Busquets is in fact the only option for a high profile defense if not recovered Puyol and Abidal.

The Gaul defender is practically ruled for Santander, as just ten days have elapsed since the injury, with the France team, and a recurrence is premature.

Puyol, who simply suffer some discomfort, more options to travel to Santander and that between today and tomorrow decide whether he plays or not. In any case, if ultimately not play in El Sardinero, Sergio Busquets has many issues to delay their position and play at center alongside Mascherano, with Keita as center half. This pair of power, however, played as Barça-Milan from the Champions league and the result was not encouraging.

Guardiola also can opt for a defense of three, leaving Busquets ahead as defensive midfielder and always ready to come down to support Mascherano, but would more than like Pep advance Dani Alves and put Mascherano as a side with Busi on the axis of the rear.

Alves physical strength as would enable winger placed, so that the defense would be three or four depending on the circumstances. In the Calderón Barça and played well and given that the Racing attack with very few troops, is a possibility to consider. The good form of Keita of Mali permits placing the center as a means.

Another alternative is to dip into the subsidiary. Muniesa played a few minutes to Bayer, but as a winger. Pep ultimately must improvise a couple of new plants, as has arranged from parties as decisive as the final in Rome (Piqué, Touré) or the European Super Cup against Porto (Mascherano, Abidal). (via MD)