23 March 2012

Barça wary of Mallorca

After 6 straight wins in La Liga, Barça wary of Mallorca, with the profile of the teams that you choke.

Barça have won six consecutive chained in La Liga that have served to cut four points to Madrid and placed just six. If the 18 points in one go is lesuman the global 10-2 which was settled at Leverkusen in the Champions League knockout record and Messi, top scorer and club history with 234 goals, everyone will agree that the time is idyllic.

It is in this stage of mind in which Pep Guardiola is ready to remind his players that can not be wasted in an afternoon of relaxation the excellent work done in the past month.

The fear is motivated by precedent in a league in which you are paying for the lack of tension at affordable equipment on paper, just the profile of Mallorca, expected tomorrow at Palma. The Balear set, and more with the combative Joaquín Caparrós on the bench, is a threat as before the others were.

Real Sociedad was the first modest rebel against a Barça who fell asleep behind the baseline to give up a 0-2 2-2. And you were worse things in Getafe, the team azulgrana met the first defeat of the season (1-0).

Madrid's squad certainly has the same points as the Mallorca (36). Another notice. In between these two games, Barça drew three games more complicated in theory at Valencia (2-2), Sevilla (0-0) and Athletic (2-2), but it was what happened in Getafe Anoeta and what happened bill, like the 0-0 draw against Villarreal low hours and 3-2 in Pamplona.

Also drew 1-1 against Espanyol, but a derby is a derby. Unrated arbitration proceedings or be very demanding, it could be argued that Barça has lost 10 points against the modest. And against Mallorca can not repeat history.

To Barça can come well what happened to the Granada. With the score 2-0, loosened at the beginning of the second half and was suddenly a 2-2. Messi came to the rescue (5-3), but is an example of what can happen until the end of the season if not maintained the intensity for 90 minutes. Keita already el salvador was against Sporting (3-1) on another day of nerves. (via MD)