16 March 2012

Barça to give raises to Coritiba Keirrison to their contract expires

The Brazilian could return to his home club after failing in his quest to Europe.

The directors of Barça continues to plan for next season, and despite previously reported that there will be a signing only, the output section is one of the unresolved. One case to address is that of Keirrison, Brazilian forward who was signed in summer 2009, but that he had no opportunity to debut in a competitive match.

With two years to the expiry of his contract with Barça, Blaugrana entity is considering the option of giving the player for two years to Coritiba, his home club and which began to emerge as a scorer.

After two brilliant seasons at Coritiba, Palmeiras took the services of striker, who managed to become the youngest top scorer in the Brazilian Championship with 21 goals. One year later, Barça signed him for 15 million euros. No roster spot, Keirrison is was given to European club first to Benfica and then Fiorentina, but their numbers were far from good fortune and looked again in Brazil. Its new destination was the Santos, who finished not renewing its continuity, going away again transferred to Cruzeiro. Today the club does not have the player and are looking for the best solution for both parties. (via SPORT)