07 March 2012

Barça spy several players of Benfica

The club azulgrana players witnessed live the clash between Benfica and Zenit to assess the evolution of several players.

One of the protagonists of Benfica's victory against Zenit was the young Nélson Oliveira, considered the greatest promise of Portuguese football, just debuted with the senior team, and author of the second goal.

The player, who excelled since last summer with the selection of the "machines" in the World Under 20-in which Portugal was runner-has attracted rave reviews in the country that still debating who should play for "nine" in European next.

The match between Benfica and Zenit went scouting for some major European clubs, including FC Barcelona, Juventus, Borussia, Genoa and Villarreal.

The Argentine Nico Gaitán and Spanish Javi García are two of the most coveted players in the squad of the team "red" and have been linked to several "big", especially the Premier. (via SPORT)