24 March 2012

Barça opens defense in Mallorca

Guardiola will have to improvise a defense marked by injuries and suspensions. The player of the subsidiary Montoya and Puyol should fall to the bands.

The prospect of la Liga has changed considerably in just less than a week. The four points that Real Madrid has left the road in the last two games have brought back the excitement to the championship. As much as insist Guardiola, Barça have league within range, provided it is capable of extending the high level of play and results displayed in recent days. And for that, nothing better than keeping the focus on a block that has demonstrated a high degree of reliability. This is no time for thinking about effective dosing European commitments against Milan.

In Mallorca, because of penalties and injuries, the coach azulgrana is forced to touch both sides. Ruled the defense committed three, the squad recurring Montoya and the ever Puyol have almost all the numbers to defend both sides. It seems appropriate to use tests in a momentous duel in the final of the championship. By the way, Marc Muniesa remains in the chamber.

As the chapter on rotations, only one name seems to create doubts: Xavi Hernández. The midfielder is one of the players who have accumulated more minutes in recent weeks and offers alternatives assurance demarcation in the template culé. Cesc looked at the game against Granada from the bench and is more than likely this afternoon return to the starting line occupying a place in midfield. A good time to take Xavi a well-deserved rest and will safeguard waiting to see how things develop.

As for the attack, Pedro returns and claims more minutes for the progression that takes you to display the fitness of past seasons. One of the bands seems reserved for the canary. The other, largely Alexis should smile. The Chilean has recovered all its hardships and still longing for the regularity essential to exploit some virtues but does not finish points. Messi will be the companions.

The Caparros Mallorca require physical waste and maximum success. The return to the Champions League is just around the corner, but the reward of the three points at stake is more than juicy to not go with rotations risky thinking about the next European travel. Milan may well expect. Today, la Liga comes first. (via SPORT)