07 March 2012

Barça-Leverkusen: Gala dinner at the Camp Nou

The champion wants to wear all your game to demonstrate that it remains the master of Europe.
If you reach the quarter, Barça will be the only one who made ​​the last five seasons.

Barça is ninety minutes of getting into the last eight of Europe for the fifth consecutive year. It is the only one who can reach that great merit.

Champions From 2007-08, Barça always reach the penultimate stage of the continental showpiece. And then also reach the semifinals.

The Bayer Leverkusen today (20.45 h.) The obstacle to overcome before these last rounds of the Champions that have the potential of a new clash with Real Madrid.

The set of Guardiola, who returns tonight Messi and Sergio Busquets, absent in the rugged league encounter against Sporting last Saturday brought a 1-3 first-leg friendly, despite which the coach azulgrana does not want to leave no detail to chance can play the best eleven in the eyes of all Europe.

Assuming that much of the work is done and it is very difficult for the German team to turn around the tie, the champions of Europe wants to send a message loud and clear to all his rivals with a resounding victory and convincing. Qualifying for rooms with another exhibition is the best way to prove who is the European number one and top seed to revalidate the title.

Enjoy the Camp Nou tonight Messi soccer, rested after not playing last Saturday against Sporting through suspension.

The Argentine top scorer in the Champions League so far, becomes more motivated than ever. Passionately encouraged the team from the stands on Saturday and burns with desire to return to provide an exhibition in Europe.

Recent seasons has been decisive contribution: last season stunned the world with a goal against Arsenal with 'hat' to Almunia included which was a finalist in the FIFA gala in choosing the best goal of the year.

A year earlier, in 2009-10, but in the quarter, shot her four goals to set in London. When Champions return to the calendar barcelonista, a few weeks of early spring, Messi also offers its best. The public who go to Camp Nou today can be graced with a new exhibit.

It will not be on the pitch, however, Carles Puyol, unexpected drop in some discomfort in the left leg adductor. There was debate over whether it was desirable to reserve it, because it is a penalty card and had he been warned he would have lost the first leg of the quarterfinals possible.

Guardiola is not very keen on this kind of speculation, especially in this case, since sooner or later face the danger of running out Puyol in the current Champions and the farther away, the worse the problem. However, the inconvenience may have solved any dilemma.

Puyol is bound to low Thiago, who has recovered from his injury in the right tibia and is low, and Alexis, injured against Sporting, who yesterday made ​​a career continues with the captain while his teammates worked at the Camp Nou, the good news that Ibi Afellay is exercised on their own nearby.

Tello, Montoya, Bartra, Jonathan dos Santos, Sergi Roberto and Muniesa, the subsidiary, completed a list of twenty summoned before a Bayer Leverkusen who will burn his ships: has only one way. (via SPORT)