16 March 2012

Barça have had four base hits in a year

On March 15, 2011 the club announced that Abidal had a tumor in the liver. Months after Tito Vilanova faced a parotid gland tumor and was operated Xavi Pascual heart. Now, another March 15, Abidal back in the news for his liver transplant. It's been a tough year.

"The player Eric Abidal has detected a tumor in the liver, which will be treated surgically next Friday in Barnaclínic Grup Hospital Clínic of Barcelona." These were the words used by the club azulgrana a year ago today to present defender Eric Abidal was suffering from cancer and would have to be operated. A blow to the Barça squad, which sided with the French, although Abidal himself was the most optimistic and courageous. "Dad assured that I'll go ahead" he told his colleagues two days after announcing it.

He went through surgery on March 17, 2011, was "a process postoperative satisfactory in all respects" - and a week later left the hospital on their own feet to begin his recovery. Physical improvement was much faster than expected, since only 15 days later, on April 4, he was walking on the lawn of the Ciutat Esportiva of Barça. And just a month later, on May 2, came into the squad for the Barça-Madrid semifinals of the Champions League, which played the final minutes.

His recovery was so rapid that allowed him to live one of the most emotional moments of FC Barcelona in recent times. After being a starter in the Champions League final against Manchester United and win the match, the captain Carles Puyol gave him the privilege of lifting the championship trophy in Europe. A magical moment that served as a tribute to the French after all lived.

But that did not end serious medical problems at Barça. Overcome evil with Abidal lived trance, in November Barça received another blow to know that Tito Vilanova, Guardiola's assistant, had to be operated for a tumor in the parotid gland. The news came the same day that operated the azulgrana coach and the result of it was "satisfactory and on schedule."

Although the Tito Vilanova December 7 and again tread the Ciutat Esportiva Barca and his recovery has gone well under way, treating all these months has been very hard. Even Guardiola himself has acknowledged how difficult it was to his assistant. "Only Tito knows what he is fighting. It is very strong and it is fortunate to have him as friend," Guardiola said at the time when asked by his assistant, whom he described as "one of the major casualties."

With Tito Vilanova getting better and already integrated into the everyday work, again another health-related news is splashed sadly now azulgrana. A year after the first announcement, the club has announced that Abidal needs a liver transplant and will undergo surgery in the coming weeks. Hopefully, again, the health problems being exceeded again and is this the latest bad news received by the Barça.

Not the football section of the club, but not forget about the hard times that has happened too Xavi Pascual 'Pasqui' Barça coach of handball, which was submitted on 28 December to surgery in aortic valvular disease of the heart. Fortunately, 'Pasqui' has already redirected Intersport Barça after overcoming his health problems. (via SPORT)