10 March 2012

Barça have cracks in the pipeline for next season

Barça worked relentlessly to design the template for the next course.
A centre-back, a polyvalent left back and a star attacker goals.

While remaining just over 100 days to formally end the 2011-12 season, Barça has already started to design the next school year. There will be a revolution, because it has a young group, and solvent quality, but something short of troops due to injury, which forced to resort to the subsidiary.

A centre-back, a polyvalent left back and a crack attacker are not ruling out another position, the goals you set in which, without doubt, the most desired 'transfer' would be the continuation of Pep Guardiola.

The Barça sports management, headed by Andoni Zubizarreta, working on several signings with Barça profile. Susana Monje, treasurer of the club, announced that there will be 50 million euros to invest in new players. A figure similar to what was spent last year with Cesc and Alexis.

Thiago Silva (Milan) is one of the most like to strengthen the center of a rear (without losing sight of Javi Martínez) in which there will be new face to the left back.

Jordi Alba (Valencia) is well placed and Kolarov (City) is an alternative. But the 'bomb' in the summer would see Neymar with Barça. Santos says the star of Barca in 2014, but the time can be shortened. 'Neymessi' is left wanting and knows that it's time to sign for Barcelona, his club dreams. (via MD)