10 March 2012

Barça have 50 'kilos' to sign ... more sales

Any sports team needs to raise the coach is a priority for the board.

Barça will have money to make the investment that the coach (Pep Guardiola presumably) considered necessary in the remodeling of the workforce of the next season.

The strategic plan established by the present leadership came to power when watching some 40 million per season to sign now have become 50. It is the ability of the investment club sporting a season without unbalancing the economic situation, and always sports a priority over economics. That does not mean, however, that Barça will spend that money.

With a team made ​​one of the intentions of the sporting and technical is sign bit and watch a lot of football base. Some districts do require investment, but the first team will stay true to the youth policy of the entity.

Continued Guardiola, as everyone expects, and has shown that in this way will work, if there comes another, the technical direction and the policy will ensure that assumes that philosophy club.

It is practically forced to strengthen the defense and forward, although as is the market is difficult for the club to undertake two major investments, but will have to work based on finding the correct value.

The sequence is as follows: the coach and technical director decide which reinforce boundaries, the technical secretariat seeks names, the coach chooses among these names, and coaching, along with the board, shut down operations. Sometimes the coach calls a particular name, but usually the pattern is. And many boundaries will be enhanced with the grassroots.

Barça, therefore, is by now clear how much money bastente have to invest, but there is always something unexpected modify the policies of reinforcement. The 50 million or so, there to sign the gains increase with possible trades. The benefits of the income going to pay down debt, not increase the chance of spending, but always with the priority of satisfying the desires of the coaching staff. (via MD)