31 March 2012

Barça-Athletic: Saturday comeback

Pep was parked in Milan and announced that Barça will "all" to win a large Athletic knowing and the marker of Osasuna-Madrid.

Exciting Saturday in the fight for the League. A 9 days of the end of the tournament reaches one of those dates marked in red on the frenetic "turnaround operation 'that started Barça in recent weeks, when the champion was cut from ten to six points disadvantage against Real Madrid. Real Madrid will visit Osasuna (20 h.) At the Reyno de Navarra, one of those stages is always uncomfortable for everyone. Just after (22 h.), Barça receives in the Camp Nou to Athletic Bilbao, "the sensation of the season in Europe," as defined Pep Guardiola gave yesterday, referring to his upcoming opponent. The other owner who left the azulgrana coach is that today will go "with everything".

After a 0-0 draw in San Siro, the second leg Champions League quarterfinal against Milan on Tuesday it will not diminish the potential and the desire of the azulgrana equipment against Athletic, as promised yesterday Guardiola.

That does not prevent rotation can be any point of any undisputed, for example Xavi. It seems clear title to Cesc after being a backup in San Siro and is likely to play Adriano, yesterday still low. The game's incentives are competitive and football. So Guardiola urged the fans to go to Camp Nou. And that no one red herring, because although it is Saturday and the match starts at ten, the TV coverage of Barça-Athletic is not open (Channel +1). Guardiola insisted yesterday proclaiming his admiration for Marcelo Bielsa, the Argentine coach who has transformed the Athletic one of the most attractive teams in the world for the viewer. It is still very fresh red and white display on Thursday in Germany against Schalke 04. So fresh that has sparked controversy by the closeness of the match at the Camp Nou, in a mess of schedule in which Barça has no responsibility.

With virtually Athletic classified in the Europa League, which today can not be ruled Bielsa do rotations even less than usual. You may take it as a dress rehearsal for cup final that your Athletic and Barça played on May 25. Barca half league today might be suitable to be played three days given the existence in the Champions League. (via MD)