25 March 2012

Ayza Gámez unfairly expelled Thiago

The decision of the collegial Valencian left Barcelona with only ten players for over half an hour and conditioned the team play.

A decision Ayza Gámez conditioned meeting and forced Barcelona to an extra effort to counter the momentum of Mallorca. The referee interpreted as Thiago hand control to the shoulder was the second yellow hispanobrasileño.

The canterano was still one of the most inspired players azulgrana set and unjust expulsion was a setback for the team and a few minutes of excitement for Barcelona.

Gámez's decision also meant an unprecedented situation: Barcelona has suffered three expulsions in the last four games. A rarity for a team that is always leading from the ball. Mascherano, Piqué, Alves and Thiago have seen sometimes rigorous, sometimes unfairly, had to leave the field early.

The coach azulgrana unde rstands that this is an anomaly for a team that features a lively game of possession. That's why yesterday lamented that the team was both penalizen certain actions. The expulsion of Thiago also had a direct impact on a game that Barcelona had previously controlled.

It was precisely to keep the premises ten when pressed for Barcelona and the azulgranas lost 10% of location and ownership. As a result Guardiola found no place for much of the second half until Piqué came to the rescue with a bit more like a center forward than a centre-back.

The defender of both the team calmed down and regained its best despite playing 35 minutes with ten. With yesterday's decision of the college continues to increase the discomfort of club referees in recent weeks. An increasingly visible unrest in Guardiola himself.

Currently the club azulgranano raises use the second card, nor Thiago has high hopes that the Competition Committee, as it did in the case of Real Madrid Sergio Ramos decided withdraw the card. (via SPORT)