02 March 2012

Arsenal remarks the plan of Cesc

"Arsenal FC operates under the highest standards of fitness, science and sports medicine at all levels of the Club. The Club offers world-class specialists in various areas, which is forming a key to compete at the highest level continuously for a long time. Arsenal constantly working to develop its resources in these areas and has recently made a substantial investment in a medical center-art facilities in London Colney training.

The Arsenal was one of the first teams to use GPS to monitor its players. It is an "analytical tool" tech.

Arsenal are forced to make very detailed medical records and retain these documents for legal and medical reasons. In fact, the club has a computer database of the art medical past three years.

The limited number of occurrences of Robin Van Persie this season was mainly due to a traumatic injury to the ankle. He did not miss a significant number of matches muscle injuries, as the article seems to imply.

After the World Cup final 2010, Cesc Fàbregas enjoyed three and a half weeks of vacation. Other players enjoyed four to six weeks, but in no case "three months off" as the article says. That period of three to four weeks is the usual resting seasons of Euro or World Cup. " (via SPORT)