14 March 2012

Andrés Iniesta will marry next July

The Barça midfielder will marry his partner Anna Ortiz in early July.

The FC Barcelona player Andrés Iniesta and his current partner, Anna Ortiz, will be married on 6 July in Tamarit (Tarragona). As reported by the Diari de Tarragona, the ceremony will take place at Castle Tamarit, though the banquet was held at the Mas d'en Ros farm, situated between Cambrils and Reus, because of its greater capacity. The event is expected to be attended by over 800 guests. The company's service Cristian confirmed the link.

Iniesta and Anna, parents of Valeria since last April 3, wanted to celebrate the link with sea views. The choice of date is consistent with the participation of Fuentealbilla in the European Championship, which starts on June 8 and that, to reach the final, ending on July 1. Although there was speculation that Cristiano Ronaldo and Andrés Iniesta would agree on their wedding day, the Luso will the 12, in Portugal, with Irina Sheyk. (via SPORT)