30 March 2012

Ander Herrera, the image of Iniesta

It was a hot night of the June 30, 2001. Real Zaragoza had just proclaimed champion of the Copa del Rey against Celta (3-1) in the stadium of La Cartuja in Seville. During the celebration of the title by club members and friends in the club 'El Coto' of the Lebreros Melia, only one man was not freed from nervous tension and continued. "I go to sleep early that morning traveled to Madrid." It was the team's technical secretary rolled, Pedro Herrera.

That Sunday his son Ander, who was 11 years, contesting the final of the Football Championship Alevín 7 with Zaragoza at the Oviedo. The set Aragon prevailed and Anderson was voted player of the tournament.
This recognition was always linked to their career and their equipment. Years later, Herrera cadet champion of Spain, also with Zaragoza.

He debuted with the first team in Second Division, to the Levant, and had the misfortune to coincide with the worst time in the history of Aragon set. That will create some problems, because his father, who was also the technical secretary of the glorious era in the club (of which the conquest of the Recopa in 1995 is the best example) began to be punctuated by criticism.

There were those who even hinted that Anderson was the first team was only by his father and not on merit. But besides football quality, this proved to be promising young head on his shoulders. From the outset, wanted to separate the familiar from the professional. His father, intelligent few, let his son fly alone.

Ander suffered a lot during his last stint as zaragocista. Two seasons ago, was a spectacular offer Athletic. The Basques were three times what the player charged with Real Zaragoza, but he refused for his "heart zaragocista." I did not want to leave the club thrown at a time so distressing.

It was also followed by the club, but no firm proposal. Finally, the economic precariousness of Zaragoza led him to accept an offer of 8.5 million euros for the player variables. That was in January 2011 and his move to the Basque side did not occur until July. Before and despite the fact that I was going to wear the shirt 'blanquilla', Anderson did his best to save Zaragoza from relegation. I got into the final day victory in the Levant area (1-2).

The time has come to smile this season. Their presence in the Athletic coincided with a period of major change in the conception of Basque football team with high aspirations. The 'Lions' are qualified for the finals of the Copa del Rey and the Champions League quarter, which aspire to two titles.

With Bielsa as coach, Athletic trust their game to the players. Attractive football is perfect for the characteristics of Ander, an attacking midfielder exquisite technique, great vision, good passer and not without a goal. To take two examples, scored the first goal in the European Under-21 final with Spain against Switzerland (0-2). The second Thiago did.

And also scored the winning goal in the league match this season in San Mamés ended an unbeaten run of 896 minutes by Victor Valdes, a record in the history of Barca over previous Miguel Reina (825).

He has always said that his idol is "Andres Iniesta" and many people compare their football. "I do not reach even half of what it's worth," he says modestly. In fact, his admiration is such that even for a time had the picture of your account profile of 'twitter' a picture in which there are two.

Two seasons ago, after a game at Zaragoza fell to 6-1 in the Camp Nou, Herrera was able to get something I had always dreamed to have the shirt of his idol. "The most grateful is that he wanted to keep mine," he says.
With the Copa del Rey final is still far away, on Saturday Barça and Athletic in La Liga face off at Camp Nou.

Ander draws a strong long pubic discomfort. Doctors have advised that it operates, but it now took him to miss the season finale. The midfielder did not want to leave her team and playing with pain, rather than their publicly thanked. If you hold on, it's likely to happen under the knife at the end of the season. Meanwhile, his bravery and his exquisite football is still there to be enjoyed. (via MD)