05 March 2012

Alves: "What of arbitration is a lost war"

Dani said the majority of the locker room upset.

Barcelona players, despite the victory won against Sporting Gijón, were unhappy with what happened on the pitch at Camp Nou. More specifically to the arbitration proceedings, which Dani Alves did not hesitate to describe as "a lost war." In addition, the Brazilian side he emphasized that "still having difficulties, we will fight and defend our winning spirit."

One of the protagonists of the crash was Piqué, who was ejected for a foul committed on the edge of the area in the 46th minute. "At half went to talk to the referee on the penalty that whistled to Keita and took it very well," Piqué said after the meeting. "Some colleges take these comments personally, point your tuition and what they can and teach you the slightest excuse the red. I taught it with malice aforethought by a personal matter," he said.

In addition, the centre-back said "you realize you have to do more. We have to be far superior to the rival because doing only better, sometimes it comes." Still, he wanted to express that "la Liga is complicated but we will keep trying."

Another not mince words about the actions of Velasco Carballo was Pedro. "The moment is normal to have a reaction against the referee because you see a play that is very clear," said Tenerife. "The referee's performance was not the best but with this we can not do anything. We have to give over 100% to get the party going," said Pedro.

That was more restrained was Iniesta noting that "the arbitrator has a very difficult it is to decide in a split second. The reality is that we are behind Madrid and all that happens generate different views." (via MD)