01 March 2012

Alves to Neymar: "To grow you have to come to Barça"

The Barça full-back says that "the message that file is already given. I always want to have friends around."

It's nothing new that Dani Alves, is one of the most knowledgeable people to Neymar. Both go beyond being simple team-mates as they maintain a close friendship as they agree on the 'canarinhá confidences they share the same room. The Barca full-back has repeatedly stated his desire to share a dressing room with Neymar at the club. His words are not simply playing to the gallery. From the shadow, and like ants that move crumb to crumb to his nest, Alves works for Neymar finish dressing up azulgrana. "The message has already been taken. I always want to have friends close," explained Alves, MD, referring to the crack of Santos has clearly marked its roadmap towards Barcelona.

Furthermore, far from being just a personal desire to Dani, the side and has advised you choose Barcelona for his own good. "I told him if he wants to grow as a player, and also for its well in the selection, you need to play a more competitive league and a club like Barça. That would be perfect for him," he admits.

Dani was also responsible of preparing the ground at the Camp Nou. Not only presenting many of his companions, including his friend also Messi, but the locker room talking culé wonders. "Neymar know that there would receive him with open arms at Barça and all facilities would be for him."

Knowing that the intention of the club is to sign him and that the player is in the work of change of air in the not too distant future, the big question is to know if Neymar come to Barça in 2014, when his current contract ends after dispute World, or hasten his arrival at the club azulgrana summer of 2013. "From now to 2014 have yet to spend a lot," replied simply Neymar himself Monday in a press conference before the match against Bosnia-Herzegovina. Alves is a premium, but obviously leaves the decision to the Neymar own. "My desire is to arrive as soon as possible because even if you are an experienced player, the sooner comes first will be devoted. I do not know if it will be 2013, 2014 or when, that is something that has to assess and decide it," explained '2 'Barca, one of the few Brazilians who shone against Bosnia-Herzegovina. (via MD)