13 March 2012

Alves: "Pep Guardiola is the key to the team"

Daniel Alves stressed that the coach azulgrana bears no resemblance to Mourinho.

Dani Alves Barça currently reviewed yesterday in an interview with Catalunya Radio program, 'El club de la Mitjanit'. The Brazilian was adamant on the comparison between Guardiola and Mou which prompted the Portuguese coach. "Guardiola and Mourinho look like Brazil and Japan," pulled.

On the controversial arbitration, stressed the importance of focusing on the things that depend only on the players. "We can not assess the arbitration or entries rivals, because it is a losing battle. It hurts, yes, but not worth discussing. We have to fight it where we are the best. Now comes the most beautiful stretch of the season and we have to get perfect. "Alves referred also to the situation of Guardiola, whose renewal has gripped the barcelonismo. "People do not understand, but it is very difficult to keep hunger after winning so much. Guardiola is the key to the team. "

The full-back also praised Leo: "If everyone is consistent, Messi Ballon d'Or win the next 3 or 4 years, which is why I would do different balls of gold for positions in the field, but Leo will always win." (via SPORT)