16 March 2012

Allegri: "Milan is in shock"

Milan are not satisfied with the draw but they are convinced to remove the FC Barcelona.

Massimiliano Allegri, Milan coach appeared in the press room to discuss the upcoming match against Inter and, of course, give his impression of the draw for the Champions.

The coach said that "we are not shocked by the draw. Sooner or later we should have played for Bayern Munich, Barça or Madrid. We will play two perfect games to overcome Barcelona. We will go on the attack and be very careful before. We know that Barcelona is the strongest team in the world but we believe in ourselves, "he said.

Meanwhile, Cesare Maldini, Milan said that if the recovered retrieves all "has a chance to put Barcelona in danger."

About the match in the draw also spoke of Milan organizing director Umberto Gandini, who said quarter-final will be very easy to organize, as the two teams know each other well.

"We left defeated in Milan with a dubious penalty, the aggregate score was 5-4 and, therefore, we took a gamble. I've played as equals to Barcelona. Tie at 2 in the beginning of the season has been a factor of conviction in the growth of team, "said Gandini, the microphone channel Sky Sport.

"The fact that we played as equals twice and have kept your head up against the strongest team in the world has given us great encouragement. The Milan has evolved throughout the season. Today Milan is better than it some months, "he said. (via SPORT)