17 March 2012

Allegri: "If we win Barça will be in the final"

"We have met the strongest team in the world, but we can do well."

A few nerves and confidence within the Milan's visit to Barça next March 28 in the first leg of quarterfinals of the Champions League, as has brought a whimsical drawing. Upon hearing of the match, the Milan coach Massimiliano Allegri, declared that one should look on the bright side face Barça: "If we move, we have many options to reach the final."

At a news conference before heading to Parma, where on Saturday at 18.00 tjenen their Serie A match, Allegri said he was aware of how difficult it is to overcome Milan Guardiola's team, even more so when the leg is played at the Camp Nou as the precedents are in favor of the Blaugrana. Some comments reported by La Gazzetta dello Sport.

"We have met the strongest team in the world, but we can do well, because since the last time we played Barcelona we've improved a lot, but lost at home." Aware of their options, Allegri added that "the Milan always gets the best of himself. Our self esteem has grown and we can move the tie." A word in the Italian press that acquire a special emphasis when they pick the Pep Guardiola: "To be a champion you have to beat the best, and Milan has some fantastic players. They are the leaders of the Italian league."

Milan coach is the necessary support to their declaciones optimistic recovery of his players. Gradually the whole infirmary empties Rossoneri. Kevin Prince Boateng, who was the author of 2 to 3 in the final stage of Champions between Milan and San Siro Bara, you are under the orders of his coach in the next Serie A match against Roma by Luis Enrique. In turn, Gattuso and Seedorf are on the right path, but remains to be seen how the state of the arriving and Van Bommel Zambrotta, Pato without forgetting that "still working", although the recovery is expected Brazilian Deol later. (via MD)