08 March 2012

Alexis Sanchez: Neither the play nor rob I change the diet

After the images of the anger of Pep Guardiola after his injury Saturday at Alexis Sánchez have started to "chase" unsubstantiated rumors.

The images of Canal Plus with the conversation between Pep Guardiola and Alexis Sánchez, have caused a stir, especially, of course, Chile. And from there there have been rumors, since coach the player had taken his play to that from now on would change and would control their diet.

Nothing could be further from the truth. If we talk for example of the play, as has been told SPORT, it is true that Alexis had one when I was playing for Udinese, but used it so little that when he moved to Barcelona decided to give it to a friend. So now, Alexis Sánchez has no play at home in Barcelona.

And on the diet, since he came to Barça Alexis follows the same diet that all staff, at best, with some slight modification, logical if we think that each person is different and may have some food that I do better or worse. Further, at least, Alexis has two meals with the other players either in the Ciutat Esportiva or Camp Nou. But your diet is not true that now vary on the issue of injuries.

In short, Alexis is "paying" to be the most important player in Chile and play in a club like FC Barcelona. Being the center of attention have these things ... (via SPORT)