26 March 2012

Alexis: "Referee, I did not dialed"

Although there were those who sought until the last frame to take the 0-1 Mallorca-Barça Messi, Alexis closed the debate on the same turf.

The image of of Barça first goal at the Iberostar Estadi was the subject of discussions. Was Messi goal from a free or Alexis in the auction? Did he touch the ball the tocopillano? Had previously played Sergio Busquets, which would remain in Alexis offside position?

The first response dismissed the two remaining questions. And Alexis Sánchez gave himself when both teams jumped onto the field to start the second half. The referee, Ayza Gámez had given in the minutes Messi goal but still had some doubts and went to Chile, as cameras captured 'laSexta'. Alexis said clearly: ""I didn't mark."

Ayza kept insisting on the subject, until the tocopillano gesturally even recreated what happened in that acción.ñ End of debate and goal from Messi. One in the list of Blaugrana scorer. Others have claimed their goal in the soup, and not have to go very far in history of la Liga to find some case, but Alexis was honest.

VIDEO: www.sport.es