09 March 2012

Alejandro Sabella: "Messi is undoubtedly the best player in the world"

Speaking to the microphones of the program 'Primer toc' RAC1, Alejandro Sabella said that his visit to Barcelona was very helpful, because "you can talk to Guardiola and Pochettino," and see "a very good match for Barça and for the Argentines. Messi scored five goals for the first time and Mascherano played a good game. "

Sabella acknowledged that if Guardiola said for days that he had the fortune to lead Messi, comment explained in more than one occasion, "I also I have the fortune to lead Messi."

After a performance like against Bayer materialized, and after his successful career, Sabella has confided and said that "the adjectives end with Messi. It is undoubtedly the best player in the world. I was impressed greatly, not only for which is on the court, but what is behind it, "Sabella moment that recalled the madness that was unleashed by the presence of Messi in the tour of India, which leads him to declare that" Messi is a phenomenon world in football is given from time to time. "

Sabella has not wanted to play the game of who is better, Maradona or Messi. For the coach of Argentina, "are the best in his time, but they are different times, played football with a different on different computers. Beyond that played at Barça, Maradona, who in the opinion of Sabella was at Napoli where he was the best Diego was arguably the best in the world at the time. Each one was the best in the world at the time. it is very difficult, I dare not. Diego has been extraordinary and so is Messi. "

No one escalpa that Leo is missing the World Cup. Sabella is aware of it, but warned that Brazil win the World Cup, with the selection of Neymar and company playing at home, will be very difficult. However, "Messi is a player with great pride," and that has not even a World Cup will do well "to chop".

"Are you still looking for Messi?"

Sabella Messi suffered in their own flesh. It was when he was the coach of Estudiantes de la Plata, in the game for the Club World Cup 2009, when Messi scored the winning goal by introducing the ball to the back of the net after touching him with the shield of the club. "It was a great sorrow to lose that game. Was painful how it was lost."
However, the wine anecdote months later. "A few months after we started the preseason. Was with my board and me spent a kid and I said 'you're still looking, still looking for Messi?'. I was a fight!, And then I was amused . Messi is difficult to find. " (via MD)