05 March 2012

Adriano: “we won’t be giving the league away”

The Brazilian reckons that Barça’s win against Sporting will strengthen their aim to: “keep on fighting until the last day of this league season”.

Adriano also explained the Pique’ incident after the Barça man’s red card: “he and the ref were talking about it after the game and they cleared things up”.

Adriano Correia believes that the game against Sporting: "was very important for us, it shows that we will keep on fighting until the last day of the season". Although he admitted it won't be easy to cut the 10 point deficit with Real Madrid he insisted: "we'll not be giving this league away – it'll cost them".

For the Brazilian: "we've really improved over the last few weeks", despite the run of injuries, with Alexis the latest to suffer: "that means we haven't been able to maintain our form at 100% like last year".

Adriano also spoke about Piqué's red card and the news that the referees technical committee wants to take the defender to the Spanish Federation's disciplinary panel for his comments after the game, explaining: "the most important thing is that Piqué and the ref spoke together after the game and they cleared things up. I think there's too much talk about Gerard – he's done nothing. It really would be too much if they wanted to fine him".

Adriano insisted that "I'm a little tired of discussing refs" and preferred to focus on Wednesday's game against Bayer: "a team who are coming off a great win against Bayern Munich - we have to concentrate totally on the game". (via FCBarcelona.com)