22 March 2012

Adriano could leave heading for Bayern and Juventus

The Blaugrana player handles succulent economic proposals and meanwhile has warned Barça that will not improve his contract.

Adriano Correia's future is not clear. For months, the versatile footballer appears in all the pools for possible solutions to end the season, although Guardiola used to rave to your player every time you have requested your presence on the pitch. Nothing is casual. Barça is aware of the interest in the Brazilian top teams in European football while Adriano is aware that win away from Camp Nou and personal relevance tab could rise considerably.

Among the clubs that have come to the doors of his representative, two names stand out for their organization and solvency. First, the Bayern Munich. The Teutonic club would not only have shown their willingness to incorporate into the army but also would have already moved their wishes to the sports management of Barça. In the case of Juventus would be in an embryonic stage. The Italians point to the Blaugrana but would not have calibrated a formal proposal.

The scenario includes all possible fronts to move forward Adriano chip in one direction or another. Guardiola has taken the desire to have his services until the end of the contract, set in 2014. In return, the club have also expressed their refusal to renegotiate contract terms right now. Or extend the duration of the contract or increase the prescribed form. The Brazilian is on the `fringe modest sheets did the template that revolves around three million euros.

Adriano, with his agent, Paulo Affonso, debated whether to continue at Barça or make the leap towards the Bundesliga and the Calcio. The money appeals to you, but the decision is taken. The club looks, but has moved the need to unravel the dilemma soon.

An assignment always welcome

Adriano is free to choose their destiny. Contract ends in 2014, but if you go and Bayern or Juventus, arrive with a substantial offer, the club will open the doors. Pep does not hold anyone against their will. Of course, remember Barça two seasons ago paid little more than nine million plus incentives to Sevilla for the deal. (via SPORT)